vale tudo training studio


Check our FAQ for answers to some our most common enquiries.


Is Vale Tudo Training suitable for all levels of fitness?

Yes, all levels of fitness! Our sessions are scalable and each participant can go at their own pace.

What kind of training is Vale Tudo Training?

We best describe our training as 'hybrid', where we have mashed together the best and most beneficial elements of strength training, high-intensity training and combat sports-inspired exercises such as boxing and MMA patterns into fun and intensive group training sessions. To learn more, select a VTT location and see what training sessions are running.

Do I need to know how to box to do the classes?

No. Our classes are suitable for all levels of boxing skill. We scale our boxing combinations for the individual and our team is always in your corner to give you the necessary coaching to constantly improve.

Do you have a crèche?

No, we don't have a crèche, although some of our VTT locations have child-friendly waiting areas that can be used at the parents' convenience.


Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Each VTT location offers their own free trial passes. Get in touch with your preferred to VTT location to enquire.

How old do I have to be to join Vale Tudo Training?

You are required to be 14 years or older to join VTT on a membership. If you're under 18, we'll simply need a guardian's signature on your contract and pre-exercise questionnaire.

Still have a question? Contact us and we'll gladly help.

Contact us and we'll gladly help. Simply navigate to a VTT location and head to the contact page.