male athlete lifting dumbbells in group training class


Challenge yourself. represent your team.

Our VTT Challenges are a series of fun and exciting member-only competitions run throughout the year. Pitting member against member, gym against gym, our unique Challenges add a dynamic and inventive layer to your training where you get to work as a team, motivate each other and reach your goals together.

Join a team, rise up the leaderboard, win some amazing prizes, and support some great community causes along the way.

Strong female Vale Tudo Training member lifting heavy weights

The ultimate athletic challenge! The VT Combine is a series of demanding athletic workouts released each month over 6 months. Participants are tested, judged and scored on these workouts and the top performers from each VTT location will then represent their gym in the Turf Games in the Gold Coast — ALL EXPENSES PAID!

1st March 2023