our unique training sessions

Our approach to fitness is designed to help you optimise your performance. We use proven methodology such as periodisation to design our group training sessions for maximum results. You'll improve your body composition, increase your muscular strength and endurance, boost your cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, coordination, dynamic balance, power and sport skill all at once.

Our group training sessions are led by highly experienced coaches who will guide you through science-backed training methods and help you achieve your fitness goals. By combining various training disciplines such as powerlifting, plyometrics, callisthenics, cardio, boxing, and MMA, our coaches deliver serious results that will help you achieve your performance goals in a supportive group setting.


Our signature training session

HYBRID is programmed by our expert strength and conditioning coaches using advanced training methods that keep challenging your body. These sessions will make you more powerful, leaner, faster, release endorphins, improve mental resilience, and performance.

Sessions involve barbell movements that get you strong, accessory movements that promote muscle growth, and intense conditioning that burn fat and develop your work capacity. All in a supportive environment of a community that pushes you forward and celebrates your wins.



For people who want to lift, build power and strength

STRENGTH is designed around the concept of periodisation with each week building on the previous with focused attention to maximise your performance. Whether you’re just starting with lifting or chasing the next PB, STRENGTH caters to any level and delivers the results based on your personal goals.

You’ll focus on the main barbell movement of the day to build strength and performance, followed by accessory lifts and skill work, that help you maximise gains, improve body composition and athletic performance.



Designed to get you into knockout shape

Mix up your training, challenge your mind, and take your skillset to the next level. Completing the picture of the hybrid athlete, COMBAT sessions focus on improving your technique, coordination, and speed. They will also help with stress relief, focus, self confidence, and discipline.

Our COMBAT classes involve pad work, boxing bags, technical drills, and punching combos together with MMA-inspired conditioning movements that will fire up your heart rate, get you shredded, and test your capacity.



Get your heart pumping

ADRENALINE incorporates strength and metabolic conditioning, in a format that is short, sharp, and high in intensity. Each workout is formatted differently to make your routine interesting and keep you motivated. If you are not afraid of going HARD, this one's for you.

Be ready to lift, run, move fast, and set your lungs on fire with minimal rest. An intense in-and-out type of workout that is typically 30 minutes long and will fire up your central nervous system, sculpt your muscles, and burn calories long after you walk out the door.


Build your engine

Our ENERGY SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT session is a unique opportunity to take your training to the next level and work on improving your endurance and work capacity. Programmed to cycle through aerobic, anaerobic, and lactic training, ESD will build your engine and improve your VO2 max.

The session includes bike/run/ski/row paired up with bodyweight movements and light weights. It will help you enhance sports performance, improve your day-to-day energy levels and allow you to work more efficiently and longer at higher levels.