Why Group Training
Group Training

Why Group Training

Whether you're a professional athlete, a business owner, or just somebody who wants to feel less isolated and more connected with your community, working out in a well thought out group class together with other people is often easier than trying to figure out what exercises to  and have to do it all by yourself. And for most people, it's significantly more effective as well.

Over the years we have had many people come through the door here at VTTfrom all walks of life but the majority have a few common denominators that really hit home when it comes to people who thrive and absolutely smash their targets.....they have a solid partner that keeps them accountable, motivates the hell out of them and, they train in a group.

People who train in groups generally thrive. It's almost like that little voice in your head saying "come on mate, I've got your back today and we're going to smash this!!" and you've got somebody to help motivate you through those tough sessions when you don't want to be there. Whether it's a partner or a coach in you ear it doesn't matter

Often when new people come into the gym, I ask them what brought them to VTT?
The answer usually is similar, "I have friends/partner who train here so I thought I'd tag along". They are your best support network, your motivation, and most importantly they can help keep you accountable with a range of things from diet to exercise.

You see most people only spend an hour or so in the gym which is about 4% of their day so having that "buddy" to keep you in check for the rest of the day is priceless. So next time you're thinking you need a good ass kick, ask your friends or partner to join you, have a chat with them and make sure you get things moving in the right direction because when it comes to being successful at any endeavour because working towards your goals with others is always better than doing it on your own.