GROUND ZERO Podcast: Episode 1

GROUND ZERO Podcast: Episode 1

After years of talking about it, VTT has finally kicked off with our first ever podcast interview. Naming the show “Ground Zero” was fitting, as ground zero is where it all begins and strength and conditioning are widely known as the foundation of all training modalities.

In our first episode, we interview world-renowned New Jersey strength and conditioning coach Joe DeFranco and dive into the pros and cons of altitude training, critical thinking and the thought processes that we need to be able to grow successful fitness business. Plus, we talk about the benefits and differences of womens strength programs compared to mens as we head into sporting season.

Joe DeFranco has a wealth of knowledge. As a coach, he's worked with athletes from every major sport, including players from every single one of the 32 NFL teams, UFC fighters, WWE superstars, and a stack of successful olympians, just to name a few. Joe's training techniques have been featured on ESPN, HBO, NFL Network, WWE Network and in the NY Times best-selling book The 4-Hour Body written by the one and only Tim Ferris.

Tune in and listen to Joe's and the VTT team's thoughts.