Increase your Vertical Jump
Sports-Specific Performance

Increase your Vertical Jump

Increase strength and power to your vertical jump.

Here are 3 weighted and 3 Body weighted exercises to help improve Strength and power, building muscle, cater to sports specific movements and improve biomechanics and co-ordination.

-Bb box squats - 4 sets @ 6 reps.

Set up a box at a height just above your 90 degree squat range. Focus on the eccentric motion using a tempo of 3-1-1. 3 seconds

focusing on loading and posterior chain, glutes /hamstrings.

1 second on the pause creating slight tension through quads and 1 second on the concentric phase or drive.  

After each set increase load in small increments

Bb box step ups - 3 sets @ 6-8 reps each  

Start off with bar to focus on technique increasing the load each set if need be.

This unilateral exercise will help improve strength and power in the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

It’s great For Single leg stability and joints like the knee, ankle and hip and will help with balance and co-ordination!

Kb single leg pistol box squats - 3 sets @ 8 each leg

Single kettle bell front rack position.

Focus on the eccentric single leg

Load with control,  recruiting as much tension through the quads and glutes as possible and drive up with force extending at hips

This exercise is also great single isolation and balance, ankle mobility and flexibility.

Single leg jumps - 3 sets @ 8 reps each leg

This is a variation of the spilt squat with the back foot elevated

Focus on the drop phase of the back knee and a soft landing after the explosive front knee tuck drive

Absorbing the impact will help improve the single leg unilateral explosive  power by creating strength through the ankles and knees.

Single leg knee drive - 3 sets @ 8 reps

Focus on driving off the front leg for power, trying to get as high as possible, though controlling the movement and absorbing tension through quads during the landing phase.

This is a great plyometric movement to increase muscle contraction, increase power output and enhance muscle performance.

Seated box jumps - 1 rep max increasing height every set til failure

This is a great exercise that focuses on the concentric phase and explosive drive and by generating force production from a seated position